We Made it Home!



I cannot believe all the things that went wrong this trip. We are finally home as of last night. No car. Surviving without coffee or groceries for a day or two. Managing just fine on delivery pizza. I swear, I have never been so grateful to just be settled.

How did we manage to get home having broken down three hours from home, without being able to rent a car (we even tried UHaul and Lowes as creative alternatives)? No thank God it wasn’t Greyhound (I cannot even imagine, like a flight but 5 hellish hours longer).

No, it was a complete stranger. The brother of an acquaintance from the Catholic Student Union who was my Facebook friend. He drove a half hour out of his way to pick us up then 4 hours (with traffic) to our house; then he had to turn around and drive back.

My hero.

I need ideas for a way to better thank him. We are so so so so crazy grateful.




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