Little Noles: Tot School Unit

We’ve been doing some flexible “tot school” units over the Summer: camping, outdoors, and ocean themes. I will try to compile all the activities for those into posts with pictures (we’ve had a lot of fun lately), but right now I have a ton of ideas for our upcoming FSU unit and need to put them somewhere.

Football season is upon us and in a college town, that’s a very good thing! Get excited!

Ideas for tot school theme unit: Florida State!

(for my girls who are 1 & nearly 3)

1) Garnet and Gold face painting

2) Sensory bin with dyed rice

3) Football throwing practice

4) Garnet and Gold object matching

5) Learn the fight song

6) Learn the chop (I know we are behind on this considering all the babies I see pictures of doing this in utero)

7) FSU 101 book — I’m going to make a flip book / album with pics of important FSU stuff ie helmet, football, Renegade, garnet, gold, glitter guys etc… idk yet, we’ll see

8 ) Home game?

9) FSU Felt board

10) Pom pom play… of some sort.

11) coloring sheets

12) Painting pennants

13) other art projects like collages

14)  Football cookie cut outs + condensed milk paint

15) lacing activity (football shape cutout, threading / lacing white string through)

16) Set up playschool tailgating? ha.

17) A gator stomp. So many ideas… hmmm…

18) tailgate food? trying to think of what practical life skills could be learned?

19) brian suggested apple juice pong. but no. we are not going there. 

20) this sounds silly, but how about how to lay out a blanket and set up a folding chair. that’s pretty practical.

21) Puffy paint football (like this but brown)

22) Cornhole maybe…

23) cooler sensory bin filled with ice

24) garnet and gold bead stringing

25)  appaloosa horse stamping

26) Maybe a field trip down to the stadium museum (since I need to get my new FSU id anyway)

27) shirt / bib decorating with fabric markers!

Please let me know any more ideas you may have!
After this unit, watch out — Birthday unit coming up!

What do you think?

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